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Sound Bath Massage & Meditation Concerts in Redlands CA

In Redlands, CA Look for the Best Sound Bath Massage and Meditation Concerts

We are delighted to offer a diverse selection of programs and services to the community at Choose Happy Vibes. In Redlands, CA, we’ve been adding sound bath massage and meditation performances in recent months. You may always contact us at (909) 437-4316 to learn more about your choices, or you can continue reading for more information. We are excited to assist you in bridging the gap between now and the rest of your life.

What is Sound Bath Massage and How Does it Work?

Singing bowls are utilized to create a ripple effect on the body, which feels like a massage from the inside out, during sound bath massage. The relaxation reflex is triggered by harmonic vibrations, which lowers the respiratory, brain, and heart rates while also interrupting the pain response. The end result is a tremendous feeling of contentment. This can be done on its own or in conjunction with our other services.

Sound Bath Massage & Meditation Concerts in Redlands CA Are Just the Beginning

Have a singing bowl performance at your next casual or business event. Participants will not only enjoy the bowls’ lovely melody, but will also leave with a lingering sense of inner serenity and tranquility, making your special occasion one to remember. Singing bowls have been scientifically proved to relieve stress by teaching the brain to shift into deeper, contemplative Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies. Allow the sound of the singing bowls to wash away your worries as you sit back and relax.

The sound of singing bowls aids in the release of blocked energy and the re-alignment of the body. It has the ability to awaken your Chakras and promote a good energy flow throughout your entire body. Sound is a form of energy therapy that offers a holy place for individuals to recover from stress disorders, pain, sadness, emotional difficulties, and more. Singing bowls’ harmonic vibrations can boost human immunological systems, lower heart rate and blood pressure, relieve pain, and drastically reduce stress levels.

To learn more about these and other advantages, Contact Choose Happy Vibes at (909) 437-4316.

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