Choose Happy Vibes
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Sound Vibration Therapy

“Choose to Feel Better”


Choose Happy Vibes is a vibrational sound therapy practice run by me, Peg McKnight.

My mantra is: choose happy and humor. After a lifetime of living in chaos, illness and a strong desire to feel better, I discovered that inner peace and true joy comes from how we respond to all situations. So, I choose happy!

As a little kid I remember looking around and wondering what the heck was wrong with everyone. People seemed to be unhappy and stressed about one thing or another, which in turn created incredible stress within me.

My quest for inner peace began at a very young age. All I wanted was to be happy throughout my life’s journey and have discovered that “HAPPINESS” is always an inside job. I’ve also discovered that it’s never what is happening around you that cause stress, but how you choose to handle it. So how do we handle it?

My direction started with one foot in front of the other, and a strong desire to feel better, as I gathered “tools” that would help relieve daily stress and provide coping skills and self-empowerment.

I started with Qigong, and continued gathering certification in: Pranic Energy Healing, Meditation Techniques, Shamanism, Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy, Crystal Sonic Sound Baths, Gong Vibrations, and Vibrational Healing Modalities.

Collectively I have discovered that the quickest and most effective tools for relieving stress are breath work, sound vibration, and energy movement. Together they work very well in reducing stress (on every level) and we all have the ability to do it. These tools are the foundation of Choose Happy Vibes.

I truly believe that this program is the solution we’ve all been looking for, and my goal is to bring this magic into everyone’s home, school, and workplace.